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Key Ingredients

At Zella Mae's we only use organic and plant-based ingredients.


Promotes hair growth and improves scalp health by boosting collagen production and reducing dandruff and itchy scalp.


Contains enzymes that are soothing and anti- irritating.


 Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E this oil increases elasticity, prevents breakage, and restores shine

Avocado Oil

Penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen, smooth, and quench thirsty strands.


Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial this oil delivers supreme moisture to skin and hair.


Rich in Vitamins E and D. Promotes hair growth and strengthens strands.


Stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of follicle growth.

Broccoli Oil

Chock full of beneficial fatty acids this oil delivers intense moisture to skin and hair. While vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B6 make the hair strong and smooth while eliminating frizz.


Boosts hair growth. Prevents hairfall and helps to maintain thicker, fuller hair.

Capuacu Butter

This super moisturizer restores elasticity while deeply moisturizing skin.

Castor Oil

Full of Omega 9 fatty acids it conditions the hair and improves shine.

Cocoa Butter

Hydrates the skin while improving elasticity.

Coconut Oil

Soothes and moisturizes the skin.


Moisturizes strands and improves shine and softness.

Jojoba Oil

Forms a protective layer around the hair to help retain moisture, giving the hair a smooth soft texture.

Mango Seed Butter

Rich and creamy butter that moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

Murumuru Butter

Fatty acids in this butter allow for better moisture retention and sealing of the cuticle for softer more hydrated hair.

Shea Butter

Rich in vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids this butter smooths and softens skin and hair.

Sugar Cane

Gently exfoliates skin to reveal brighter softer skin.

Sunflower Oil

The antioxidant properties of this oil helps to prevent premature signs of aging while hydrating the skin to keep it looking smooth and fresh.

Tea Tree Oil

With antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti- inflammatory properties this essential oil invigorates and stimulates while improving overall scalp health.

Tucuma Seed Butter

Increasing moisture, softness, and shine this butter contributes healthy supple skin.